Docker Compose Examples for HTPC

docker Oct 30, 2020

Here is a sample of my own server's docker compose file that I use regularly in-case anyone is looking for help/inspirations. It took me quite a while to learn Docker compose and how reverse proxies work in general. The most difficult part is to choose a proxy server that is easy enough to set up but has all the necessary features.

A sample file to showcase my personal server’s configuration - ishaanx/docker-compose-main
Github link

Every service is 'proxied' via jwilder's nginx proxy module. Link here.

Each service is on it's own sub-domain. This is handled by jwilder's proxy module. All I have to do is add the following environment variable and forwarding rules in my DNS server. For example, I access vscode editor diretly on my server by visiting https://code.home.server

- VIRTUAL_HOST=code.home.server


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