Cloudflare Domain Redirect

Tech Feb 2, 2020

I have been using my old domain for almost 3 years now and I decided to move to a new domain. My old domain - was long, difficult to read and was poor performing with SEO. So I chose a new shorter sounding domain name -

The real problem here was how to remove my old domain from every search crawler out there and move existing traffic to the new domain. I have been using Cloudflare since the beginning of era and it made the solution simple enough.

Redirecting domains is very easy in Cloudflare. Let's say you have two domains

  • (Old domain)
  • (New domain)

And you want to redirect all traffic from domain1  to domain2, including the traffic of subpages. For ex: > > > >
Page Rules
Cloudflare Page Rules

Read more about Page Rules on Cloudflare docs webpage.

Understanding and Configuring Cloudflare Page Rules (Page Rules Tutorial)
Page Rules trigger certain actions whenever a request matches one of the URL patterns you define. Learn to create and edit page rules and understand the different settings available.This article f...


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