September 22, 2020

Building my very first Gaming/Work PC

I have been wanting to build my first PC for a long time now. Believe me when I say this but this is every man's dream. Be that Henry Cavil, Terry Crews or any other person, every man is incomplete without his custom rig.

I distinctly remember which game got me into gaming community. It was Prince of Persia 3D. I have very fond memories of playing that game for hours with my cousin. Then came the  Sands of Time sequel and the very dark and legendary sequel to that - Warrior Within. Every year I do a Warrior Within marathon; I play this complete game in two days without sleep!

But instead of a powerful PC I decided to buy a console 2 years back since I never owned one and would like to get a feel of console gaming. Using the console for two year I realize that its still no match for a PC when it comes the variety of games.  I understand the differences between console and PC gaming war that is going on for ages.

Last month in mid August, I decided to start building my very first PC. I poured literally 20 days on researching on how a PC is built. There are a lot of factors contributing to this which I did not expect. I watched ton of Youtube channels, read blogs etc. I finalized my budget and built a PC parts list on a simple spreadsheet. I ordered bare minimum parts which are required to get my PC up and running. This way I can add parts later on as needed.

I still think that this PC is overpriced, mainly because all the parts in India sells close to MRP.

Here is how my minimal PC looks like right now.

Current Specs:

Future upgrade plans-

This is still not a super high powered gaming rig. It's bare minimum to get games running in medium to high settings with 50+ FPS. Since I already own a console and I don't plan to play AAA titles in this PC, I have kept the specs at minimum. This PC will be my main workstation because my old laptop is almost on its deathbed.

Here is spreadsheet with all the details of my PC -

I watched a lot of these Youtube channels which helped me learn a lot about all the nitty-gritty details of PC building -

Let's play some Mario now!

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