I am an Electronics Engineer working for an IT company with a passion for anything that runs on less than 5 volts. I like to learn new things and this website is an attempted representation of what goes inside my mind all the time.

I started working on this website way back in 2011 during my first year of Diploma. I never published it untill 2017 when I was in my final years of graduation. This website has seen some rough days. Following is the order of hosting platforms that I have moved the website to over the years -

  • Local Network for almost 5 years
  • Digital Ocean
  • A 3rd gen RaspberryPi
  • Amazon Web Services
  • GitHub pages
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • GItlab + Netlify CI/CD integration (Current Setup)

This is a static website built with Hexo and a heavily modified theme called Chic. I am also using Heroku to serve my travel photos page. It’s a Node.js application hosted on a subdomain. SSL certificate is provide via Cloudflare and also protect against DDOS attacks.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Contacts Page, Keybase.

There is a hidden easter egg in this website. If you find it you can have the egg.